Drifting – Written by me.

How can we immerse ourselves into one whole being whilst being pulled back an fourth into so many?
Often I find myself standing there in a place I need to be whilst thinking of all the places I need to go. My mind is trying to ground me and feet are seemingly imprinted into the soft ground, yet I can feel myself leaving.
Off to the next.
The next open tab.
The one I didn’t finish before as I needed to be here.
The one I tried to close off too early because I needed to be somewhere else. 

More often then not I leave unfinished tasks and never feeling like I’ve put my all into each one that has required so much more than I can give. The constant feeling I’m letting some down or haven’t excelled in my full potential. The let down.

Its then when I lay in bed after a full day of being present yet stuck in my mind I remember all of the things I didn’t do yesterday, the things that are needed to come and the moments I haven’t yet reached – the anxiety of incomplete and let down.
I wrote this the other day. After a big day. I need to find more time for writing I love doing it, often finding it releases trapped energy. 

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