My inbox gets sooooo many messages a day from worried parents whose children also suffer either one of these or both like we did. I’m going to refer to the photos of image 1 being the first image of the skin etc. 
I have no professional medical advice to give but I can definitely tell you what we did. 
Scroll the first images to see what I replied to a lady who messaged me. 

Image 1: the start of the molluscum. When I really started to notice it was just a bump or two, first appearance was around December last year. This image was in April. 

Image 2: being the backs of Indies legs in April. Note the left leg being the primary spot. This is where they first appeared as her it was the entry point from her eczema. Indie got so many because she would scratch her eczema and they would spread. 

Image 3: when they started to change. I started using Dr Wheatgrass, ACV, tea tree oil and a bunch of other creams.

Image 4: When she started to really get itchy and they’d annoy her. You can see the bruising behind one and as the photos progress you can see how angry it got. By this stage they didn’t have heads.

Image 5: the immune system finally started to notice them. She was getting really sick from other things and I think her body finally noticed they were there. By this stage we stopped using most creams and everything else as they just aggravated her eczema and she stopped sleeping properly as it would all go hand in hand. 

Image 6: we started to soak her in the bath for her eczema with her QV flare up wash. Because her eczema was so bad. We noted when she got out that if I dried her roughly “accidentally” the top layer of the pimple would come off showing the white core. I squeezed once & would never suggest that as it hurt & made the rest of the process a nightmare. I started bribing her with food, iPad time etc to let me get the tweezers and pull the core but she wouldn’t have it. She started pulling them out herself with tweezers. 

She ended up with an eczema skin infection in a completely unrelated area – she was given bacterium cream I can’t say it worked or not but they went, one by one. 

Image 7: now. You can see the scars.

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