Honeymoon. Abuse. Honeymoon. Amuse.

Part one.

Honeymoon. Abuse. Honeymoon. Amuse.

In the depth of my relationship I was too familiar with fear,

It became who I was sleeping with every night.

The warm breathe in my ear.

I knew the words off by heart,

“it wasn’t my fault, I’m tired and stressed”

All of these signs showed from the start.

If only I knew what I found out

Maybe I wouldn’t have been sleeping with the doubt.

I know its my fault I’m sorry I asked.

I didn’t know you’d react this way,

I just wanted to know if you had a good day.

You seemed quite stressed, you’re having a drink,

You still have your work boots on your feet.

Then you stand so tall but so small

Looking down at me telling me I was wrong.

How dare I said I wanted you to choose me,

Instead of the booze you were sipping. 

I recorded your voice, because I was so unsure,

Everytime you found out you’d yell some more.

“Why would you record me? Without my consent?

I would weep “Because you tell me this is all in my head.”

Over and over I would hear you say – I’m going to leave you all alone one day. 

No one will love you

No one will care, No one will ever love you as much as I do I swear.  

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