9 months out – Indie

9 months out of the womb - previously written on IG 2016. In the last 9 months I have never slept so little in my life. In the last nine months I have suffered my worst anxiety I have ever experienced. Having a new baby is exhausting and life just doesn't stop. The bills still [...]


Drifting - Written by me. How can we immerse ourselves into one whole being whilst being pulled back an fourth into so many?Often I find myself standing there in a place I need to be whilst thinking of all the places I need to go. My mind is trying to ground me and feet are [...]

COMMUNITY: We were high school sweethearts.

*** Trigger warning** Talk of abuse and episodes of violent behaviour that may trigger people * Written by Nicole. I got past him and grabbed the phone from the bedside table.  His eyes were frightening.  He was beyond reason.  I threatened to call the police. I don’t know if I meant it, I just didn’t know what else [...]