COMMUNITY: Fibroid & Hysterectomy.

WRITTEN BY ELISSA HARRIS It’s hard to know where to start on a story that has always ‘existed’ in your early teens to now early thirties. When you sit, do the maths I have lived this journey for exactly 20 years but my menstrual cycle ended abruptly six weeks ago to the day when I […]

COMMUNITY: We were high school sweethearts.

*** Trigger warning** Talk of abuse and episodes of violent behaviour that may trigger people * Written by Nicole. I got past him and grabbed the phone from the bedside table.  His eyes were frightening.  He was beyond reason.  I threatened to call the police. I don’t know if I meant it, I just didn’t know what else […]

COMMUNITY : Growing up with Capgras Syndrome.

Story sent in via email – Courtney My father suffers from an extremely severe case of capgras syndrome.  It is something that he has dealt with since I was a little girl although no one knew back then. I was close with him growing up. He would spoil me and my siblings rotten. We went […]